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Another 3 points for North Camp

Warning: Anyone who even slightly questions the events and opinions given in this match report will immediately be sin binned or yellow carded.

Following our 4-2 win last time out against Southwood Royals the boys were keen to maintain a perfect start to the season. This lust for victory was only added to by some of the pre-match chatter coming from the Rectory Road lads on social media in the week leading to the game.

Come Sunday morning however the lads were focused and ready to pick up another 3 points in their quest for the title. Following on from the mandatory chat with the ref pre-game the boys were left in no doubt that the ref wanted an enjoyable and free flowing game.

It became clear within the first few minutes of preceding that the ref had no intention of allowing a free flowing game and it was clear from the offset that if North Camp were to win this one they would really have to fight for it. This was no problem for North Camp who grew into the game and in the 10th minute Simpkin charged into the box like a raging bull before being wiped out by a 'disgraceful' tackle. This was also the only incident in the game where a North Camp player shouted ‘REF’ and the man in the middle actually agreed. The responsibility fell on the hulking shoulders of Joe Schoeworth who dispatched the penalty into the bottom corner putting the boys in blue and white into the lead.

North Camp didn’t stop there and came again attacking from all angles, with shots from Gurney and Dallo not testing the keeper whatsoever (Edit after Review; Dallo's was on target #opta - Gurney's however...). Despite this unerring accuracy North Camp would soon double their lead. The ball was whipped in from a corner by set piece specialist Jarmyn and was met by towering midfield maestro Ceesay who nodded home to make it double delight for the visitors.

All the while it was a fiercely competitive game and tackles were flying in. Actually no it wasn’t, the ref just blow up for everything. That being said midway through the second half Josh King was battling in midfield like William Wallace and lunged in with a ‘reckless’ tackle in the words of the ref to receive the games first yellow card. I would like it mentioned that it was a wonderful tackle and he took the whole of the ball. Despite falling out of favour with the red the visitors battled on adding to there lead with a sumptuous finish from our own Scandinavian looking God Steve Schofield, the Chorley Crespo.

The team continued to play some excellent stuff, something remarked on by the opposition team who stated ‘why are they playing such good football.’ This was in fact true, the boys played some magnificent football in the first half, passing it around nicely and going into half time with a convincing lead. What could possibly go wrong in the second half....

The second half started off with a back heel from super forward Matt Butler as North Camp looked to carry on their first half dominance. However, some misplaced passes meant that we came under pressure early in the second half. Captain fantastic Dallo misplaced a pass and gave it to Rectory’s tricky winger who threw in a few step overs before going doing under limited to no contact from Dallo just inside the box. That one would have scored full marks at the diving. Anyway, Dallo saw the second yellow of the game and moments later Rectory dispatched the spot kick to make it 3-1. Rectory could smell blood and so could the ref who seemed to take great joy in pulling up North Camp players at every opportunity. If things were going North Camps way they soon got worse as Ceesay was sin binned and was soon followed by Tay, leaving North Camp with 9 men. Despite this North Camp defended well giving away very few opportunities to Rectory and creating some of their own. Chances fell to Butler who couldn’t quite convert the chances, maybe he had been watching too much of Simpkin who saw a dismal chip in the first half go terrible wrong. Some would say it was a very fishy technique.

Back to the action and two yellow cards later for Simpkin and Dad, I mean Gurney, however, the boys were still controlling the game and would soon be back to a full compliment. Rectory we’re finally put to the sword in the closing moments of the game when Barnett was brought down in midfield after some excellent play and awarded a free kick. Fresh from his 10 minute break on the sidelines Ceesay stepped up and curled the ball into the corner with the keeper beaten emphatically. An excellent goal that really put the gloss on a great performance from North Camp who battled hard and when asked questions defensively stood firm like Gurneys pecks.

There were many candidates for MOTM after another good team performance but the award went to journeyman Pete Jarmyn for a fantastic performance on the wing, tracking back and creating chances. Another win and another 3 points. #UTNC

(we did tell him to smile... honest!)

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